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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Even if you take the most diligent care of your oral health, the reality is that like most people, you will probably have to get a cavity filled at some point.

In years past, fillings were usually made of a metal mixture called amalgam. While they were effective in preventing cavities from spreading, their dark gray color did not make them very attractive.

Composite tooth-colored fillings are available today. Made to match the color of your teeth, these fillings are virtually undetectable to the naked eye. In addition to their esthetic advantage, composite fillings are durable and resistant to fracture.

Dr. Jason Luecht of Luecht Family Dentistry offer tooth-colored fillings for patients who need to have a cavity filled. Call us if you think you might have a cavity or you need a replacement filling.

Composite Fillings Offer Several Advantages

The main advantage with tooth-colored fillings is that they match your tooth color. Your dentist will even prepare the composite specifically to match the shade of your tooth as closely as possible. Even if you open your mouth wide to laugh or talk, no one will be able to see any fillings you happen to have in your back molars.

Because composite fillings can be prepared to closely match the color of your teeth, they are great for filling decay that occurs at the front of your mouth. Even if your front teeth develop a cavity, a tooth-colored filling will repair the damage and blend right in.

In addition, if you have a tooth that is chipped or broken, composite resin can be used to restore your tooth. The repair will seamlessly match the rest of your tooth.

Some of the nonesthetic advantages to composite tooth-colored fillings include their reduced tendency for expansion and contraction. Even when composite filings come into contact with hot or cold foods and beverages, they don’t expand and contract the way amalgam fillings do. This reduces the risk of fracture over time.

Your time in the dental chair also tends to be quicker with composite, tooth-colored fillings. In general, less of your tooth needs to be drilled before composite fillings are placed onto the tooth, so the entire process goes more quickly.

Caring for Your Teeth after Getting a Composite Filling

There is little difference in caring for your teeth whether you have an amalgam filling or a tooth-colored filling. Brush at least twice a day, floss at least once, and be sure to stay current with your biannual visits to the dentist for examinations and cleanings.

Patients should be aware that they might experience some tooth sensitivity with their tooth-colored filling, and this is not unusual. It sometimes takes a week or two to resolve itself. Avoid anything that might irritate the site in the meantime. You can also try a desensitizing toothpaste.

If you continue to experience sensitivity, please give us a call.

Call Us for an Examination 

If you are due for a dental exam or you think you might have a cavity and need to get a tooth-colored filling, call Luecht Family Dentistry today. We look forward to seeing you!

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