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I had a bad experience at my last dentist. What do you recommend?

If you are feeling anxious about your visit, be sure to talk to us ahead of time. We will make sure you fully understand what will be happening during any treatments or procedures. Often being well-armed with knowledge can alleviate fears. We are happy to take all the time you need to answer questions to help waylay your fears.

We will let you in on another secret: The anticipation of treatment is often much worse than the treatment itself!

If you need additional assistance feeling calm, we also have nitrous oxide available. Also called "laughing gas," this is inhaled similarly to breathing in oxygen through a mask. From the moment you breathe it in, you will start to feel relaxed and possibly even euphoric. It leaves your system as quickly as it entered, and there are no lingering after-effects. You will even be able to drive after treatment and return to your busy life.

Don’t let anxiety get the better of you and prevent you from getting the dental treatment you need. We care about your oral health, and we will do what we can to ensure your comfort while you are here. 

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